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cover scans: Courtesy of Bugle Newspapers
The online version of the story featuring Sarah Eichelberger and Journey Back Home on the cover of the 8/26/2010 edition of the Romeoville Bugle newspaper is now available. This story was also on the cover of the 8/25/2010 edition of the Woodridge Bugle.

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The Herald News: Movie-making teen
The Lincoln-way Sun Movie-making teen
Romeoville Bugle Cover Woodridge Bugle Cover

The second set of pictures from the Red Carpet Premiere is now available on the Premiere Pictures Part 2 page! This set includes cast, extras, crew, and more! Part 1 is also still available in the Premiere Pictures Part 1 page!
Premiere Pictures
Part 1

Premiere Pictures
Part 2
Here is a link to another story in at least two Sun-Times Media papers The Herald News: Movie-making teen! Same story in The Lincoln-way Sun Movie-making teen!

Sarah Eichelberger and her film Journey Back Home are featured on the cover of the 8/26/2010 edition of the Romeoville Bugle newspaper. It is now available and can be found at many locations around Romeoville. We will provide a direct link to the online version of the Romeoville Bugle once it is available in a few days. Pick up a copy soon while you can!
Romeoville Bugle cover scan:
Courtesy of Bugle Newspapers
Journey Back Home will be featured in two papers this week, the Bugle, and the Daily Herald! Please pick up a copy of these papers this week! We would love for you to read more about us!

The Red Carpet Premiere went wonderfully! The cast, crew, and guests had a fantastic time. Thank you to those who came out to the event! The first pictures are now available on the Red Carpet Premiere pictures page! More pictures will be added later!
Premiere Pictures
The deadline for buying tickets to the Red Carpet Premiere is 10 PM on Thursday, August 19th, or when the event is sold out!

Here is a link to the flyer for the Red Carpet Premiere: Premiere Flyer!

Here is a link to our official press release! (updated 8/10/2010)

The deadline for tickets is drawing near, and tickets are almost gone! Hurry and get them online or let me know if you would like to purchase one! Hurry, hurry, hurry! You do NOT want to miss this, and I don't want you to, either! Go to the Premiere page for more information and to purchase tickets. Tickets for this event must be purchased in advance.

Tickets for the RED CARPET PREMIERE for August 21st are now on sale! Go to the Premiere page for more information and to purchase tickets. Tickets for this event must be purchased in advance.

The movie red carpet premiere date is finally set! August 21, a Saturday morning! Tickets go on sale very soon, please keep this date in mind! It will be the event of a lifetime!

We are almost done! Adding in music and special effects now, a lot has been done! Get ready for the premier date! So excited! The date and more details will be out very soon!

Got a ton more editing done today!! Movie will be done soon!! Its turning out fantastic!!

The new trailer is now available from the Video page.

Editing on Journey Back Home is almost complete. It is turning out great. I hope you will be there to see the finished product at theaters.

Character bio pages have been added that can be reached from the Cast page and also by clicking on each of the character's pictures at the top of each page. Click a character's image in the navigation bar to be taken directly to that character's bio page.

Happy New Year!

The new site is finally active! Merry Christmas!!

Welcome to our new website!

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