Samantha Uncle Will Annie Marley Journey Back Home - A Sarah Eichelberger Film Keleighli Ashika Moki Nani Father
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Written by:Sarah Marie Eichelberger
Directed by:Sarah Marie Eichelberger
Produced by:Sarah Marie Eichelberger

Anna Rose Fayn:Bailey Jarvis Taylor
Uncle William Fayn:Dennis Edwards
Samantha Marie Fayn:Ashton Borden
Marley Cynthia Raven:Gianna Journigan
Ashika:Donneisha Renee' Pulliam
Keleighli:Naliela Walker
Moki:Anthony Walker Jr.
Nani:Alice Walker
Father:Anthony Walker Sr.

Young Annie:Abbey Brand
Hannah Mailee Koetje
Kali Smith
Courtney Reichenberger
Lily Reichenberger
Nicole Ziegler
Vanessa Eichelberger
Noah Edwards
James Eichelberger
Hannah Eichelberger
Joshua Eichelberger
Ashley Morrison
Loren Eichelberger
Abby Eichelberger

Makeup and Costume Design Team:
Vanessa Eichelberger
Diane Reichenberger
Deann Wolzen
Hannah Eichelberger
Sarah Eichelberger
Filming:Greg Eichelberger
Editing by:Greg Eichelberger & Team

Independent Film
Production Company:
OceanShore Productions

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