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Samantha and Uncle Will Annie Samantha Marley

In the new film "Journey Back Home", we go years back in time to the year 1945. Young Anna Rose Fayn has been orphaned, and her busy older sister is left to care for her, and leave her old dreams behind. Annie is only 12, but more thirsty for adventure than some. When her Uncle William mysteriously arrives and wants in on her life, she is more than happy to welcome the funny, father like figure into her life. Her older sister Samantha will not have such a thing. Uncle William tells Annie the story of his 1920 visit to an unknown Island. Annie does not believe that her Uncle has endured the adventure that he claims, and is caught dreaming at school. Samantha sends Annie off on a train to Whitman Boarding School for Girls. Annie wakes up on the same Island her Uncle claims to have been on. She meets characters from her Uncle's past, and a broken Native family. She becomes friends with Ashika, a brave hearted Native girl who's Mother still clings to the memory of Uncle William. Annie struggles for survival on this unbelievable Island, and tries so hard to piece back together the puzzle of a family she had come to know. Will Annie restore Ashika's broken family, and return home alive? Or has she been dreaming? In the end, Annie may learn a thing or two about restoring her own small family.....

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